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About translations

This site is multilingual to offer user-friendly browsing in the natural language of the visitor.

However this is a huge job and translations may be innacurate, the origin language of the site remains french.

If you found translation errors, or if you want tu support me by translating a page, a title or a comment, please be be sure the smallest help will be highly appreciated. Don't hesitate, drop me a mail.

How does it work?

Languages are automaticaly detected when you enter the site, according to the settings of your web browser.

You can overide this choice and switch to another available language by clicking on of the small flags at the top left of most pages:
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This will affect the language of the menus, pages, titles and comments of photographies and galleries.

When watching a photo, available languages of the current comment are shown by small flags just above the text. You can then read it in another language, without switching the general language of the site.

Have a nice browsing !